The bridges that were first left in memory

Uutteesta ja valmispakkauksista valmistus.

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The bridges that were first left in memory

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The bridges that were first left in memory are small bridges.metown should also be regarded as a water town. Many water channels are wrapped around the village, and there are more natural bridges. ditch in the hometown is not wide, it is ten meters, the bridge on the ditch is very simple Marlboro Lights, often the following two piers, a few long wide slabs above, and these slabs are not closely arranged, two There is usually a large gap in the middle of the slab. But such a bridge is still solid, although there is no bridge, but because the ditch is very narrow, the water is not very deep, standing on the bridge to see the water flow under the bridge is not afraid. Such a stone bridge in the hometown of childhood has been called a decent bridge, and they are all on the important road leading to the outside of the hometown Carton Of Marlboro Reds, to bear the people walking and rolling the animals. Although the slate bridge looks rough, but it can last for a long time, few people in the village know when these bridges were built. The stories about these bridges are mostly rumors of accidentally missing from the bridge. Although the long history of this bridge has never been mentioned, it can be touched back now, because the thick slabs of the bridges have been worn out, and the square stone corners have disappeared and become mellow. They become the hieroglyphs of the history of Stone Bridge, and the narrow pores between the two stones are eroded by the long days of rain and snow!some country roads, the two sides of the ditch are connected by small bridges made of wooden stakes and branches. These bridges are built on a temporary basis and do not require too much human and financial resources, but they are also difficult to last. Generally, the villagers feel that it is inconvenient for some small roads to go to the ditch Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. It is wading to the other side or going far. If it is wading in the summer, the wading in other seasons will be very uncomfortable. Moreover, if the weight is heavy, the wading is more difficult. If you go around, the road will be too far, because the ditch is usually very long, which will waste a lot of time Wholesale Cigarettes. . So some villagers spontaneously organized together and said good things to the village, cut some branches, made the bridge piles thickly, and laid them into bridge decks. The branches of the bridge deck are very thick, and after laying it, a thicker layer of soil is placed on it, and the bridge is built. People walk on this small bridge, stable, very convenient, no longer need to wading, no longer need to go around, this temporary small bridge will give birth to love, and also grateful to the bridge people. It's just that the material of this small bridge is too thin. Perhaps it is very accidental that an oxcart walks over the bridge and the bridge will be slightly deformed Cigarettes For Sale. If there is a heavy rain, the soil on the bridge will be taken away by the rain. The bridge reveals its skeleton. After the rain, a diligent villager will replenish the bridge. But the life of Xiaoqiao is still too short. Maybe after a year, it has only a few traces left, and can no longer bear the mission of the past.

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